When Silence Is Not an Option…

When Silence Is Not an Option…

History has been made this week. And by history I am not referring to the inauguration of the 45th president. I am talking about a march on Washington heard round the world. Some of my favorite women took to the streets to peacefully protest the idea that women’s rights ARE human rights. They marched for brothers, and sisters, neighbors, and colleagues. For friends, students, for me and even you.

While feeling an immense sense of pride, I was astounded by how many folks just could not understand why this march had taken place. If not for accountability, and solidarity alone, there are a million reasons I know these women felt compelled to take to the streets. While I was unable to attend any march due to a conference I was already attending, I’m almost positive they’ve felt what I have felt, what anyone who worked hard for change the last eight years feels. That their lives, and the lives of their families depend on it. That the loss of the ACA could mean relatives could die without the healthcare they’ve depended on these last few years. That walls divide, and a nation divided is sick.

For those of you who wonder, “why bother?” Why make a scene, the election is over already. It isn’t the election that is being protested, it isn’t facts and figures women are taking to trial peacefully in the streets as they ascend on Washington, and all over the world. Make no mistake about it, these women are not in denial about the state of affairs. It’s about hate, and injustice. Malice, and privilege. Divisiveness, and dishonesty. If this isn’t a cause for a major national discussion, I don’t know what is. So maybe this will help shed some light on any of your confusion as to why anyone would feel compelled to take this course of action.

For those making comments about how sharing one’s truth online or on social media is bothersome, or useless. What cause could be more worthy? I’ve seen a ton of comments about how this country is full of whining babies mad because an election hasn’t gone their way. Or that they are being overly sensitive fearing their friends and relatives might be affected by the strict policies of a new regime. Since when has exercising our constitutional right made us weak? Since when has an open dialogue on public forums made us stupid?

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.” -MLK

I don’t fear a world of people who care too much. I fear a nation of disconnect, where people are afraid to share their beliefs. Where they worry about being “unfollowed” if they are themselves. A generation of convenience that’s afraid to ruffle any feathers. I fear a country of people who suppress their true feelings for fear of rejection.

Maybe that’s the real problem. Maybe we’ve become a nation so far removed from sharing things that matter and would rather share a meaningless selfie. Maybe the very reason we are still battling these basic human rights issues is because of people who see no use in standing for what you believe in? If you ask me those are the people who are whining. The ones that would rather skip over an election, not participate in any local community efforts for four years, then cross their fingers hoping it will all work out in the end. Did we learn nothing from eight years with a president (2000 – 2008) that did not have his finger on the pulse of his nation? This nation is built on the backs of those who stood for the civil liberties we all enjoy as Americans, and will continue to protect.

Perhaps now is the time to take make a conscious effort to put our best selves forward. To share our beliefs, and have the hard conversations that matter. Instead of sharing food photos. You know, instead of posting mannequin challenges? To stand for what we believe in ANY arena, not just in the confines of a tiny voting booth. Would you tell the men of the Million Man March their cause was not important enough? Their plight isn’t worth the traffic jams and overcrowded streets?

Would you tell the suffragette’s to get over it? Would you ask them to start acting like “real ladies” and stop whining about the way things are? The very women who died on the front lines of American soil so that you could cast that very vote on November 8th?

Photos courtesy of Meade Peers McCoy (Washington DC 2017)

Why march, you ask?

Because we’ve been to the mountaintop. We seen the promise land, and it is diverse, it is inclusive, and it is glorious. We’ve seen what a nation ruled on the shoulders of love, crafted with the hands of justice can look and feel like. And we want more. We want more so bad, that the thought of it going away for even just a moment is unbearable.

Because our eyes have seen the glory, our hearts have been filled, and we’ve sang the praises of a nation indivisible, with liberty, and justice, for ALL.

Essentially yours,


Disney Introduces Sing-Along Version Of MOANA

Disney Introduces Sing-Along Version Of MOANA


MOANA will be hitting theaters nationwide again this month with a fun sing-along version. Walt Disney Animation Studios will also launch exclusively at Hollywood’s El Capitan Theatre on January 20th.

This version of the MOANA film includes the full feature with on-screen lyrics, giving fans the opportunity to follow along to their favorite songs.

So far, MOANA has received nominations for BAFTA, PGA, Golden Globe and a Critics’ Choice Movie Award for best animated feature. The film’s soundtrack was said to have dominated the music charts for more than six weeks.

If you live near Hollywood’s El Capitan Theatre, head over to see the MOANA sing-along version on January 20th, a week prior to the nationwide opening. Daily showtimes begin at 9:30am. For tickets, contact 1-800-DISNEY6 (347-6396) or online at www.elcapitantickets.com

MOANA arrives on Digital HD/3D and Disney Movies Anywhere on February 21st, and on Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray, Digital SD, DVD and On-Demand on March 7th. 

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Disney Announces New Cast Members For CARS 3

Disney Announces New Cast Members For CARS 3


Disney has announced key cast members, as well as new characters for its faster-than-fast film CARS 3 earlier this month. Owen Wilson’s character Lightning McQueen is joined by Cristela Alonzo and Armie Hammer, who play the roles of the unconventional trainer Cruz Ramirez and next-generation racer Jackson Storm.

Here’s a preview of what our long-time favorite character looks like now, along with previews of the new characters:

Catch a glimpse at the extended look here:

Catch all three this summer at a theater near you!
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