3 Tips For Being The Best Holiday Party Guest

3 Tips For Being The Best Holiday Party Guest

Let the festivities begin!

Holiday season is in full swing (I’m already hearing Christmas carols on the radio), and the party invites are starting to roll in! In the hustle of the “holly-daze” it can be time-consuming trying to figure out what gifts to get, which parties to attend, etc.. It’s all exhausting frankly, so in an effort to keep it simple, yet keep our friendships alive, I’m sticking to these three tips to being the best holiday party guest and I get an invite next year!


Party Guest Tips

Holiday Party Guest Gift

Be On Time

This should go without saying, but you’d be surprised how many folks take this for granted. It can be inconsiderate to show up fashionably late to a holiday party. Oftentimes there is dinner being served and you never know how hard someone worked to get a roast out of the oven just in time for plating. RSVP early, make it a point to check the route in advance and give yourself plenty of wiggle room for traffic. It seems minor, but it’s the little things, people.

Offer To Help

Whether it’s a catered affair or an intimate dinner, always offer your services. This can mean stopping at the store on the way to the party for last-minute items, lending a helping hand as soon as you arrive, or sticking around afterward to help clear up. This folks, is what separates you from the other partygoers, THIS makes you family. Bonus points for checking with your host “day-of” to see if you can pick anything up on your way.

Always Bring Wine

Holiday Party Guest Gift


Almost all holiday parties will involve libations of some sort. The bar may be stocked, and you may very well have arrived with other gifts already, but a bottle of wine is customary in my book. Keeping it classic and always offering a bottle of vino shows you care. Not just about the party you are attending, but for any future gatherings, or a simple dinner afterward to unwind from all of the holiday drama. My favorite wine as of late is Wente Vineyard wine. I’m not a fan of Chardonnay, but they made me a believer. Their classic, smooth taste pairs well with just about anything. Arriving with this Wente Vineyard wines in hand is like planning a date to spend time with each other again. That’s really what it’s all about, after all, making time for the people we know and love.  This is a fast-pass to getting an invite every year!


Holiday Party Guest Gift

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