Anti-Aging Cold Plasma Skin Care

Anti-Aging Cold Plasma Skin Care


Of all the things I enjoyed most about California, it was the dry air (the constant views don’t hurt either). Coming from a humid climate and taking in the dry desert air was something I really enjoyed. Some days the air in Florida feels like a wet hairdryer being pointed directly onto your face. I was sure to get a fresh blow-dry before leaving and embrace this dry warm desert air I’ve heard so much about.
Anti-Aging Skin Care
 My skin, on the other hand, was not as thrilled. I noticed my makeup looked and felt different in this new climate. As soon as I got home I knew it was time to amp up the hydration factor. I tried the new Perricone MD Cold Plasma Plus and was pleasantly surprised at how quickly my skin took to it. It can take up to three weeks to see a difference, but I noticed it right away. My skin drank up every ounce of it morning and night until it was able to self-regulate. I’d heard of the hydrating qualities in this anti-aging serum before, but now I was a believer.
Anti-Aging Skin Care
The Cold Plasma Plus line isn’t heavy or greasy. It’s light and smooth texture was a breeze to put on, a little bit really went a long way and I was glad mostly at night. The last thing I want to do after wiping off a face full of makeup is add a heavy moisturizer. This lightweight serum allowed my skin to breathe and kept my pillowcase clear of any greasy residue.
Anti-Aging Skin Care
Perricone is a trusted brand some of my family had been using for months and I was glad to finally give it a chance. It helped balance my skin after the dry-heat exposure on my trip and brought it back to life. I notice a huge difference in the way my concealer and foundation lay on my skin after moisturizing daily.
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You can find the Cold Plasma Plus Duo here.
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