2017 Back To School Top Picks

2017 Back To School Top Picks

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I received compensation for providing my honest review of products. As always all opinions expressed here are 100% my own. There are affiliate links within this post that will support essentiallyerika.com.

The boys are growing by the day and the time has come when they are really expressing their own personal style. Shopping for Back To School this year has been a great preview of how their styles and preferences differ. One thing that has remained the same is our goal while shopping for Back To School and for anything really. It’s important to us to be conscious buyers, to give back when / where we can, and to always encourage the boys to express their individual sense of style.



So I’m sharing this year’s top picks for Back To School shopping!

Tried and True

We will officially have two kids in school this year. As a stay at home mom all these years, it’s quite literally the end of an era. We had such a great experience with my eldest sons PlanetBox lunchbox I knew just where to go when it was time for the little guy to step up his lunch game. Packing lunch for two with very separate palette’s can be a bit tricky. But with PlanetBox’s compartmentalized stainless steel Rover Box and it’s cold/hot accessory containers, creating a fun “invitation to eat” is a snap! I love what the company stands for and the quality stainless steel will last them until high school! Every lunch is fun in a PlanetBox lunchbox with its customizable magnets and carrying case. While E settled on rocket ships, my little guy is obsessed with robots.

Kids Lunch Box Ideas

Oh Em – Emoji’s


With the release of the new Emoji Movie, it seems Emoji’s are all the rage. My boys don’t even have to have a cell phone to know that. Skechers has a new line of high-top Emoji sneakers that help each kid express their own personal style. My little guy is a pizza lover (he’d give those ninja turtles a run for their money), so it was a no-brainer that he would gravitate towards the fun high-tops in red with the food emoji’s everywhere. My oldest is currently in what I call the “poop stage.” He’s been toilet trained for quite some years, but in true male fashion he is obsessed with all things poop-related. I read somewhere that is some sort of milestone where boys are quite literally just understanding the body’s intended functions. Every conversation eventually winds up in the toilet (pun intended). So I knew he would just die for the poop emoji sneakers that only a true poop lover could appreciate (mom cringe). I’m certain it will be the topic of conversation, and at least we can lean on the fact that the sneakers brought it up, right???


While some schools offer the option to donate towards class supplies instead of purchasing them, there are still quite a few items on the school list that needs to be provided when kids start school. Here is a list of a few items that were on our list, and where you can find them.

A/V headphones

Nap Mat


Here’s to a great school year!

Essentially yours,


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