Summertime Prosecco Party + Fresh Cocktail Recipes

Summertime Prosecco Party + Fresh Cocktail Recipes

Spring is in full force and summer is just around the corner! I’ve been accumulating all of my must-try grilling recipes, I’ve even bought a few outdoor grilling cookbooks. I’m marking the pages away and preparing for a long hot summer outdoors. I’m also thinking of some creative ways I can create some fun new summer cocktails.

Prosecco Party

With summer berries and citrus in abundance all summer long, I thought I’d give some fresh cocktail recipes a try. We recently attended a local event that featured healthy green juice cocktails, and it got my wheels spinning! So I put together a few of my favorite fellas and decided to throw them a little garden party – man style of course! Prosecco and Cigar night was born – and enjoyed by all!

Prosecco Party

I don’t think there is a man on the planet that can resist the cool demeanor of Mr. Don Draper from the hit TV series, Mad Men. He made drinks like an Old Fashioned, or a Gimlet popular again. I went with this vain and decided to include one of my favorite bubbly’s, VOVETI Prosecco. Not everyone is into champagne and bubbly drinks just scream summertime to me, how about you? Prosecco has a crisp fresh taste with a tempered acidity and fresh, graceful profile that is unmistakable (and perfect for upping the yum factor on just about any cocktail).

Voveti Prosecco


So we started out with the Prosecco-rita, a light twist on the classic margarita. VOVETI prosecco is dry and features fun flavors like pear, green apple, melon and ripe peach, making it the perfect addition for flavorful prosecco-ritas! This was an instant hit for the guys, the VOVETI kept it light and the fresh, and the fresh lime base didn’t leave anyone with that heavy feeling some syrups would have included.

 Prosecco Cocktails

 I know what you’re thinking, Prosecco for a guys night? These fun twists on classic drinks were a welcomed surprise!

Next up was a fun Blackberry Prosecco-Fizz. This crisp and fruity blend was my favorite of the two. It’s simple adding only VOVETI Prosecco, a drop or two of Chambord, and a few blackberries. Add to this the magic of some bites like artisanal cheese, crackers, olives, and some delectable sweets and you’ve got yourself a summer fling.

Prosecco Party
If you feed them, they will come.

Prosecco Party

 The guys ended the night with some fabulous dessert and some in-depth conversation on the importance of gelato. Hmmm… I guess we know what we’ll have dessert for the next prosecco party!

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I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Prosecco Party




Prosecco Party

Prosecco Party

Wedding Tips for the Millenial Bride

Wedding Tips for the Millenial Bride

Thank you GoDaddy for sponsoring this post. Get started on building your own website with GoCentral today!

I have fond memories of planning my wedding. The day after my then-boyfriend proposed, I must have bought at least five bridal magazines. We hit the ground running the old-fashioned way. Before Pinterest or any online inspiration, crafty lovers had to scour the pages of magazines creating vision boards before vision boards were even a real thing. I spent long hours hot gluing myself to favors sitting in a sea of bows, pearls, and fabric. A lot has changed since then.


Times They Are a Changin’


I’m pretty sure ladies everywhere are still crafting away, but now with a lot more accessible inspiration. With the help of hundreds of online wedding sites providing tons of tips for the bride to be. You can decide on a theme, plan your entire wedding party’s attire, and even create a schedule to help you stay on track all the way leading up to the big day. When planning our wedding, one of the biggest struggles we had was communication. Constantly relaying information to two different families and trying to get everyone on the same page was some feat. It sucked lots of energy from my fiance and myself, and we wound up paying the price through our stress levels and poor diet. I lost an addition fifteen pounds just before my wedding and had to have my dress re-fitted twice in the last two weeks leading up to my wedding.

Of course this isn’t what I remember when I watch our wedding video, or look at our photo albums. But it was a large part of the planning process.


Tip #1: Get Online


Everything is online these days, and wedding planning is no exception. Technology is taking over and wedding websites – with a customized domain – are a part of a new trend that helps keep all of your guests and wedding party both informed, and involved.

With the help of GoDaddy, today’s bride can create her very own wedding website that keeps all of her guests and attendants up to date on all changes made to time, dates, location. It’s a wonderful tool I wish I had at my disposal when we were planning. Coordinating seven bridesmaids and groomsmen would have been a lot easier. You can include all kinds of information on your site, including FAQ’s for your guests and really cut down on the last-minute phone calls asking whether or not it’s appropriate for someone’s date to wear white at the wedding. I’m not kidding this was a conversation with a guest at 11pm the night before my wedding. You can create a contact form to collect RSVPs, maps to help your guests navigate their way to the wedding, even post photo galleries of you and your soon-to-be spouse.



GoDaddy’s new website builder makes creating your dream wedding website a cinch. After all, this site may be the first impression your wedding guests receive. It’s often set up before the invitations have gone out, which can help get the excitement going for your big day. It’s also a great way for your wedding guests to communicate among themselves, arranging hotel rooms and such. With Go Central you can have your wedding website up and running in under an hour!


Tip #2: Less Is More



With minimalism on the rise, today’s bride is realizing that it doesn’t take a lot to make a wedding feel special. It’s the personal and meaningful details that make the moment memorable. Over the top floral arrangements and big poofy dresses are a thing of the past. A simple barn with outdoor twinkle lights and a simple and understated lace dress is enough to make the evening feel magical. Don’t go over budget or out of your way to fit some Pinterest worthy ideal.


Tip #3: To Thine Own Self Be True


Everyone’s a critic. Seriously, if you spend your days trying to please everyone else (family included), you will be miserable on your wedding day, and perhaps longer. This is a pattern of behavior that will not serve you well in any aspect of your life. Ask yourselves who you absolutely cannot spend this day without, and how can we include them all on our day celebrating love. While it’s important to share in this special celebration, it’s essential that you do not let the real meaning of this day get lost in all of the minutiae. Select your wedding party with your best interests at heart. You may have a friend you’ve known a really long time, but perhaps she isn’t particularly crafty, or great at planning events. The pressure of her living up to your wedding expectations or the stress of you having to perhaps pick up the slack, is enough to ruin a friendship. Make these selections for the good of the whole. Sometimes this means simplifying it, and cutting back on traditional methods. A lot of modern wedding have no wedding party at all. Don’t feel pressured to ask friends or family because it’s what you think they’ll want you to do. It isn’t doing anyone a favor, this thinking is archaic, and can cause more discord than not asking at all. It’s considered rude for anyone to assume you should ask them to be a part of your wedding party anyhow. Those that truly love and support you will not be swayed by your decisions. Listen to your heart and spend these precious moment with the people you couldn’t live without. At the end of the day, they are who will be there for you all along.


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I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

#DisneyKids Mickey Roadster Racer’s Party

#DisneyKids Mickey Roadster Racer’s Party

Disclosure: I was provided with complimentary party supplies in order to plan this party / play date on behalf of #DisneyKids. There are affiliate links in this post, which will support my blog so I can keep providing interesting party content.

We all know it takes a village to raise a child. But it also takes a village to throw a good party. We recently hosted a #DisneyKids Preschool Play Date at Chalk Delray, and there were a ton of fun components that came into play. I was selected by Disney Parks Blog to participate in this opportunity and share it with you all! There was definitely a mixture of themes, with an overall love for all things Disney. As usual the magic is endless… Here’s what we came up with!


The boys were treated to find a fun Stormtrooper suitcase from American Tourister with all the fixings to make a fun party / play date. During the hilarious unboxing video, the excitement started to build, so I knew I had to plan this party quickly! HP made that possible with their fun and easy invitation kits. I’ll be giving away one of these sets at the end of this post, so stay tuned! This simple to use print at home option saves on cost and is a great way to really get the kids involved. You can print your very own 5×7 inch rounded corner glossy finish invites that your guests will love right at home! We fell in love with so many designs on Pinterest.


We hosted our party at CHALK Play Cafe and Studio, our favorite indoor play space. There aren’t any screens, but there is tons of fun! The clean and open space is perfect to create the party of your dreams. The grassy play area is perfect for entertaining the littlest of guests while the parents enjoy the open dining area and free wi-fi.

CHALK Delray
photo courtesy of Annett Meyer Photography

I’m so glad we hosted our play date at CHALK, it ended up being the rainiest of days. The free coffee / tea and work station make CHALK my favorite place to take this kids and get some work done at the same time. With the rainy season approaching, we will be spending quite a lot of time here. The affordable memberships and discounts make is a no-brainer! They are open from 9am – 5pm on Mon – Tues, Wednesday from 10am – 7pm, and Thurs – Fri 9am – 7pm (perfect for working moms looking for an evening of fun with the kids). Saturdays and Sundays are reserved for parties only, which are all amazing due to the great eye of owner, Inna, and her creative staff that make every party feel special. She had so many great ideas to personalize the space for our party.

CHALK Delray
Mickey Ears provided by


Disney did a great job setting us up with some fun decorations to help inspire a fun party / play date. The fun cupcake holders, cups, plates, plates, streamers, and favor bags brought the fun Mickey’s Clubhouse feel to the party.

Mickey Roadster Racers
Cupcakes provided by G Cakes Studio

These oversized balloons from Shindigz, were a fun surprise. The kids were all mesmerized when they walked in!


We kept the food simple for this play date with pizza and pasta salad, we added some fun printables to keep with the Disney theme like Pluto’s Pizza and Toodles Noodles. You can find tons of these free printables on Pinterest.

photo courtesy of Essentially Erika

The sweets were the highlight of this party! G Cake Studio really outdid themselves with this incredible Mickey Roadster Racer’s cake. The bottom tier was a tire and lent perfectly to our theme. The inside was a delicious Nutella chocolate cake for my little chocoholics. G Cake Studio also provided us with the most delicious cake pops in chocolate, and a gluten-free option. G Cake Studio can put together any type of dessert needed, including organic, gluten-free, and vegan. The cupcakes were each different with gluten-free options as well. You can follow G Cake Studio on social media to check out all of their fun designs!

G Cake Studio

G Cake Studio
The kids could barely keep their hands off of it!

We even celebrated with a homemade recipe called Pixie Dust Popcorn thanks to Pop Secret! This simple recipe is a Disney original, and a hit with all of the kids!

Simply pop your popcorn, while melting white chocolate chips in a double boiler. Drizzle white chocolate over the popcorn and add your favorite sprinkles. These organic dye-free sprinkles just so happen to pack some extra princess punch!


Disney Parks provided us with a few inspiring ideas for some fun crafts and games. We took these fun party hats and turned them into wizard and princess hats with fun stickers and some tulle. This was a hit for all of the kids!

Disney Kids
Special appearance by Cami from

FunCHALK Delray

We turned the Pandora station to Mickey’s Clubhouse and Hot Diggity Dog Danced our day away! The kids had fun finding all of the hidden Mickey’s possible, and running off all of that sugar on the extensive CHALK play space. There is something for kids of all ages!

CHALK Delray

The photo booth courtesy of Annett Meyer Photography was a hit! The kids (and some adults) had way too much fun posing with our fun Mickey Photo Booth Props.

Mickey Roadster Racer's

Ahem.. Everyone got in on this action. 🙂

Pillow Pets sent us a fun Dory pillow perfect for our fun photo booth, but she didn’t make it into one of these shots. Pillow Pets has jumped on the Disney train and has a great selection of pillows like Dory, Olaf, Mickey, Minnie, Sheriff Callie, and Doc McStuffins. Their newly scented pillows are popular with kids for fun play and parents for a great nap! These make great party favors as well, you can use code PRESCHOOL at checkout online for 25% off your purchase. Stick with me kid, I’ve got you covered. 😉


Mickey Roadster Racers

The favors are always a fun detail where you can get pretty personal. Disney Parks sent over some fun favor bags and I filled it with a few Disney faves. I found a great deal on bubbles and Disney coloring books at my local Dollar Store, and stuffed them with crayons, and some Mickey tops to keep the kids heads spinning for days. They were going to need a little help with the dreaded Disney Detox!

HP Social Media Snapshots

The real fun was in the favors for parents! That’s right, we didn’t leave out the ‘rents on this one! HP provided our fun social favors for parents with their Social Media Snapshots. Parents will be able to create fun 4×5 inch portraits from the party with re-stickable backing! Making it easy to print fun party memories from any social media albums like Instagram, Facebook, and more! Each pack came with 25 re-stickable sheets of photo paper ready to decorate your life (retails at $9.99).

HP Social Snapshots
These were an easy party favorite!

All in all this was one successful party / play date. The kids had a blast, and the parents got to hang for a bit and take home some swag. Leave it to Disney to insert their endless amounts of magic to an ordinary rainy Sunday afternoon!

Essentially Erika

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Take a quick walk through to see our party / play date set up!

Enter below by May 10th to win one HP Party Invitation Set to help plan your next party!
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Good luck!

See below for a full list of links for all of the party details and links:

CHALK Delray:

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G Cake Studio

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 Annet Meyer Photography

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 Shindigz Party Supplies | FB | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Large Latex Balloons

Black and White Polka Dot Table Cloth

Foldable Mickey Ears Tissue Decorations

Mickey Photo Props

Glass Drink Dispenser

Cupcake Stand

Yellow Tissue Poms

A very special thanks to the following sponsors who made this party possible:

Pillow Pets

HP and My Printly

American Tourister


Pop Secret


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