Three Dating Tips for a Happy Marriage

Three Dating Tips for a Happy Marriage

Marriage, along with parenting are by far the best choices I’ve made in my life. Nothing has challenged every part of me to grow in such a way as marriage and motherhood. Having kids is like walking around with an emotional mirror all day-long, constantly showing you parts of yourself you need to work on. But only marriage offers you that wonderful internal compromise on a constant basis. It’s one thing to sacrifice your ego for humans you’ve created and carried in your body for nearly a year, but to experience this with another human being who can test your will power and endurance on a daily basis is some of the hardest work I’ve encountered.

Golf Date

Dating Never Ends

Dating is exciting because you are just getting to know a person and all of their quirky ways. By making a commitment to keep dating while married and sharing new experiences together, you create lasting memories and provide yourself with more to relate to. The exciting experiences that led you to fall in love in the first place. By never giving up on dating, you are vowing to always practice learning more about each other, and enjoying these moments for years to come.

Tip #1: Schedule in Advance

I know it doesn’t seem romantic now, but scheduling these day dates (which are tough to come by) is essential. Life is busy, there are drop-off’s, pickups, laundry, and groceries. It can get pretty overwhelming, and this necessary time with your partner can easily fall by the wayside. So since it is necessary, just like dental visits, you make plans in advance. You can even plan out the next couple of months if you’re so inclined. Besides, life’s struggles can seem a bit easier when you have something awesome waiting in the wing, it gives you something to look forward to.

Tip #2: Learn Something New About Each Other


My husband used to golf all the time before we had kids. But with limited days off and a family to raise, his dreams of the golf course have slipped through his fingertips. So on a recent day together, I went golfing with him. He was in heaven enjoying getting back out there. We laughed as he tried to teach me a few moves, and I got a kick out of watching him find my shanked balls. It was a ton of fun, made only more fun with Gran Reserva Wines that we brought along with us. Their Sauvignon Blanc was perfect for our golf date experience. It was light, cool, and crisp. Plus we stored it easily in a thermal picnic backpack that was gifted to us years ago. We sat a laughed about our new adventure at a little picnic on the course. Creating these new memories will sustain us during those rough patches that life inevitably throws your way.


Tip #3: Remember Who You Were


Kids change things. It’s a fact. Becoming a mother has changed me in many ways, mostly for the better. However, when you are constantly in a state of “go, go, go” you can forget how to relax. So enjoy yourself, you know, the way you used to before you had kids. Remember how fun it was when it was just the two of you, and relive that a little bit. This time works wonders for your connection together. Remember, this is what helped you fall in love in the first place.


Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon paired wonderfully with our little golf picnic spread. We especially enjoyed the chocolate hazelnut spread with strawberries, it really brought out the nuttiness in the medium body Cabernet. A fun and refreshing afternoon was just what we needed to tackle the rest of our week. If we keep enjoying days like this, we can handle anything the world may throw our way. Now that’s a hole in one! See, I’m getting the hang of this..


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