DIY Honeycomb Hexagon Shelves

DIY Honeycomb Hexagon Shelves

It’s no secret I loooove a good DIY!

When I first laid eyes on these hexagon shelves I fell in boho-love! The honeycomb effect where it’s scattered across the wall was perfect for the wall in my living room. I’ve spent years putting different mirrors and artwork there, none of which seemed to really fit the room. This was absolute perfection!

There’s a recent trend in these type of geometric shelves and I love just it. I’ve also seen triangle shelving stacked near each other (I may try this in my bedroom next). But the hexagon was love at first sight. I immediately began imagining all of my thrift score trinkets I could store on these shelves. Every artifact we’ve brought back from vacations over the years, at last a space for my special rock from Haleakala Mountain in Maui!

These were pretty simple to make, however I’d been coveting them for over a year because I did not have a table saw. My hand-held miter saw just wouldn’t do the trick, and the price tag on a table saw would take this inexpensive DIY into a full on investment into heavy-duty power tools. Without a garage, it just wasn’t an option. Not that I’d mind, the daughter of a locksmith, I’m no stranger to power tools. They make you feel powerful, and like.. well like you could build ALL the shelves!

DIY Shelves

It was only during a recent renovation that I noticed one of our contractors using this precise table saw I needed and I was giddy with excitement while asking if I could use it. Once I got the go-ahead I began getting all the supplies together. It didn’t take much really, just a few fencing planks (from Home Depot) and some brackets for hanging. I’d had some wood stain on deck already from one of my many DIY projects and plenty of screws to spare.

It was a pretty easy flow to get into once we started. Since all pieces are the same exact measurement, it’s a matter of setting the saw at a thirty-degree angle and just applying the same cut to each piece. A total of 24 pieces from roughly six fencing planks.

DIY Shelves

DIY Shelves

You’ll Also Need:

Power Drill

Wood Glue

Wood Nails


Tape Measure

A Level

A Rotary Sander

Once all your pieces are cut, it’s time to break out the wood glue. The wood glue will help keep the pieces solid, the screws will ensure they stay together. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on a nail gun, it will shorten this process quite a bit. We put three pieces together at a time and got to work laying out all the pieces like a puzzle.

Most fencing planks have one end that is a little more decorative – chop this off at the 30-degree angle. After you make your first cut, turn over the plank so you are measuring your long edge. Measure 12″ and mark where you want your next cut to be. Make your 2nd cut right along the edge where you marked. You have your first piece! Repeat this for every single piece. In this DIY, you will need to cut 24 pieces. Note how the ends look – there should be one long edge that measures 12″, and the angled cuts should both go in to make the other side shorter.

DIY Shelves

Although all of the pieces are cut the same size and at the same degree, fitting them all together can be a bit tricky. To ensure this process moves along make sure to select level fencing planks with no warping. These planks usually come pre-treated, leaving a funky green color on them. No worries, this will go away after sanding and staining the wood. The trickiest part was getting the shelf insert to fit perfectly, it needed to be able to support whatever we placed on it. It took a few corrections to get it just right. I recommend getting a few extra planks just in case.

DIY Shelves

Once you get the hexagon shape in order, it’s a matter of lining them up together and prepare for screwing them all together in a pattern that works for your space. In my case, I wanted to have four pieces connected and one beside it separately. It didn’t work out that way and four pieces is what we settled on. I’m so happy we did, I think it would have been a bit crowded otherwise.

Once the glue has dried and all of the hexagon pieces are secured to each other. It’s time to sand! I find sanding wood to be oddly therapeutic, so I don’t mind this part at all. A light sanding is all it needs, since I was going for more of a rustic look anyhow. After sanding, one light coat of stain was enough to get the desired effect.

DIY Shelves

Another quick once-over with the rotary sander to create a worn aesthetic to the front of the shelves. Make sure the stain has fully dried, or the rotary sander won’t give you the same effect.

DIY Shelves

The brackets I needed for mounting only came in a galvanized finish, so while the stain dried I made sure to give them a quick spray to match my wall so it wouldn’t be noticeable.

DIY Shelving

DIY Shelves

Now that the shelving is all connected it’s best to keep it on a flat surface until you are ready to hang. Standing it up can cause some of the pieces to warp. Hanging this lovely is a two-to-three person job. It will take a few people to support each end and one to provide direction.

Once you get the brackets installed on the center piece, you can us your level to be sure you can adjust each side so that it is all even.

DIY Shelves

DIY Shelves

Feel free to adorn these shelves with the treasures that make you happy. After all, isn’t that what it’s all about? Creating a space filled with the memories you cherish and bring a smile to your face? Absolutely! I learned a while ago that the space I create for myself at home should be both authentic and functional. Your home is a reflection of you and your personal style, have fun and always be you!


Essentially yours,


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