Gifting Education with Florida Prepaid

Gifting Education with Florida Prepaid

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Bloggin’ Mamas & the Florida Prepaid College Board. All opinions expressed are my own.

With the holiday right around the corner, gift-giving is getting more and more stressful with each passing day. We prefer experiential gifts for the boys. Anything that encourages them to get outside, or experience the world in different ways. Family members are often asking what sort of gift to get them, and let’s be honest, the last thing they need is another toy.

So I’ve compiled a list of gifts that keep on giving for my relatives to explore. Museum memberships, theater passes, concert tickets, all engaging gifts that provide a ton of fun, and memories to last a lifetime.

Another way to relieve pressure on a family and invite them to enjoy their lives free from worry. As parents, we keep a million tabs open in our brain. College tuition is a large tab that can loom over our head like a dark cloud if we aren’t prepared. One of the best gifts of a lifetime is the gift of education. With it comes multiple gifts that keep on giving, like the gift of peace.

With open enrollment at Florida Prepaid underway, there are plenty of plans to choose from to fit any budget. Perfect for grandparents or family members looking to contribute to the kids’ education this season!

Gifting Education

1-Year Florida University Plan

At just under $50 a month, there is a more affordable way to save for State University credit hours. The 1-Year Florida University Plan is the newest offering. You can purchase one year, or 30 credit hours, at a time according to your budget and timeline, without feeling the pressure of having to buy all four years at once. The plan also allows multiple purchasers to buy a plan for the same child. So now you can team up with other family members to help pay for your child’s higher education let Grandma and Grandpa buy one year and you purchase another. A child can have up to four 1-year Florida University Plans!

2-Year Florida College Plan

This practical and affordable plan helps your children on the path to entering his/her chosen career with an associate’s degree or trade certification. Like all of the Florida Prepaid plans, every cent of the value of this plan can be applied at any university or college nationwide and is guaranteed by the state of Florida. You cannot lose the money you put in.

4-Year Florida College Plan

There are 28 Florida colleges and they’ve expanded their capabilities far beyond the two-year programs. In fact, most now offer four-year bachelor’s degree programs in growth industries like nursing and teaching, and continue to grow their degree programs year after year. Since they’re typically less expensive than a university education, the 4-Year Florida College Plan provides a practical, affordable path to a bachelor’s degree. All of the value of this plan can be applied at any university or college nationwide and is guaranteed by the state of Florida. You cannot lose the money you put in.

2+2 Florida College Plan

Your child can receive a degree from one of Florida’s prestigious state universities for less than a typical four-year university degree. By starting your child off at one of the state’s 28 Florida colleges, you’ll save money on lower-level courses before transferring to a State University to finish off the completion of their degree. Students with this plan are guaranteed admission to a state university once they’ve earned their associate’s degree at a Florida college.

4-Year Florida University Plan

This Plan will start your child off at one of Florida’s 12 prestigious state universities and see them through their four-year journey. If your child decides to start at a college (typically less expensive), the unused funds from this Plan can be applied to a post-secondary degree or you can get the remaining money back. Like all Florida Prepaid plans, use isn’t restricted to Florida schools; the amount covered by your Prepaid Plan can be used at schools nationwide.

Gifting Education
For those of you who are interested in signing up during the 2017-2018 Open Enrollment period, you can do so from now until February 28th, 2018. Plans offered start at less than $47 per month, providing a variety of affordable options for families.

With the uncertainty of investments and the state of the current political situation, it’s easy to get lost in the worry and doubt of being able to secure a future for your child’s education.

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