Keeping Your Gut Healthy All Summer

Keeping Your Gut Healthy All Summer

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Summer comes with laid-back vibes, later bedtimes, and subsequently, lazy eating habits. It’s the time of year when we most want to kick back, take it easy, and usually end up ordering out. I’m doing my best at home to keep things even-keeled, but it’s an inevitable beast. Eventually, the lazy summer monster gets us all.

One of the ways I try to keep the good stuff going in with a busy schedule and two kids, is by enjoying a delicious smoothie each day with the family. We enjoy participating in smoothie challenges and coming up with new and interesting recipes to keep the kids engaged in healthy habits. Good Karma Flaxmilk is a wonderful way to add protein to your smoothies. It’s made with cold-pressed flax seed oil, a rich source of Omega- 3’s without all of the calories. Plus, it’s dairy-free for my lactose sensitive boys. I use both the Unsweetened and Vanilla flavors depending on the type of smoothie I’m making.

Smoothie Recipe

This Banana Mango Protein Smoothie is excellent! It’s the perfect frosty beverage for summertime (you can add spinach or kale to turn it into a green smoothie. Just add 16oz of frozen mango to 3 cups of Good Karma Flaxmilk, add 1 ripe banana and blend. It’s a simple favorite that is frosty and refreshing. It’s easy to take this on the go on a summer adventure.


Probiotics is a great source of good gut bacteria necessary for optimal gut function.  Traditional Chinese Medicine believes the gut is the epi-center of the body. That without it’s optimal health, the rest of the body cannot function effectively. Implementing healthy gut behavior with Drinkable Yogurt, yogurt packs, and probiotics is essential to our well-being.

Good Karma Drinkable Yogurt  is packed with dairy-free probiotics, making it a great summer treat by the pool. It’s easy on-the-go caps mean you can just drop it into the cooler and enjoy.


I rest easier knowing I’m injecting good practices even while enjoying our laid-back summer vibes. The kids enjoy the dairy-free yogurt as a fun summer treat. With up to seven live and active cultures, Omega-3 healthy fats, and five to six grams of plant-based protein, I’m happy to let them enjoy this delicious snack.


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